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Zoom! Celebrity Trainers

(Celebrities/Veteran/Ministry of Education registered trainers)

Chen Bi Feng 陈碧凤

Chen Bi Feng was the top A-lister actress in the local TV back in 1980 to 2000. She then left to focus on coaching in drama education.

She has been in Zoom Academy as a drama trainer since 2015, coaching kids to adults to seniors. She corrects and trained budding actors in many aspects of acting which includes language and it has since changed many students in their mandarin proficiency.

Chen Bi Feng is also a registered drama trainer with Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅

Priscelia Chan, an award winning actress, is currently a MediaCorp artiste and a drama trainer in Zoom Academy.

She joined the industry as an actress since 1999. Appeared in many television dramas.

A newer generation sharing tips and fundamentals to the students in intense acting on different aspects in bring out characters to live!

Abigail Chay 谢季

A familiar actress to everyone in Singapore and Malaysia, Abigail has acted in numerous sitcoms, dramas, movies and advertisements.

She is also a veteran host and comedian in many gala events.

Abigail has many years of teaching experiences and have taught many students of all ages. She has also been teaching with Zoom Academy when it was founded 12 years ago.

CKay Lim 林志强

CKay is the founder and trainer with Zoom Academy. He is an actor/renowed host for many gala events for the past 20 over years.

He started teaching speech and drama in local primary and secondary schools in 2004. He is a registered drama trainer with Ministry of Education, Singapore.

He coaches speech and dramafor the kids and hosting or adults in Zoom Academy. Having certification in Drama learning locally and overseas, he uses pedagogy in his teaching during classes.

A well-liked trainer among the students and have proven effectiveness where he has taught several know names in the industry.

Li Wen Hai 李文海

Li Wen Hai, a veteran actor who has became the very familiar face to the Singapore and Malaysia’s households since 1980’s.

He is well known for his excellence in Mandarin and has trained many acting trainers correcting their flaws in speaking mandarin in Zoom Academy.

He is well liked by the students ranging from kids to adults to senior citizens.

Peter Tan 陈彼得

A celebrity judge, vocal instructor has more than 12 years of teaching experience and a singing career that spans over 20 years. Peter had judged Project Superstar 2005 and was also the main judge for Campus Superstar 2006. He was also the appointed as the vocal instructor for finalist of Project Superstar and Campus Superstar competitions.

Local and regional artistes who have come under his wing include celebrities such as Stefanie Sun, Yong Er, Kelly Poon, Jocie Kok, Jones Ong, Felicia Chin and Fiona Xie. Besides being a celebrity vocal coach and a renowned performing artist. His debut album, 陈彼得 <万语千言>, won good reviews and likings from the media and his supporters.

Ho Ai Ling 何爱玲

Mickey won the title of Best Comedian in 2004 and has since been acting in many local dramas and performing in many local events.

She is well-versed in camera fundamentals, camera angel, producing and filming.

A jovial character that brings the lesson an interesting one in every intakes.

Chong Bee Bee

Veteran Casting Director

A well-known casting director with over 20 years of casting experience in Singapore Media Industry, has cast many local actors for local and foreign productions, in dramas, advertisements and movies.

Our students are able to know more casting insights and what to avoid during auditions from her during her lesson in casting.