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“Mr. Lim has an amazing ability to zero in on the heart of the piece and the truth of the performer. His teaching gift and supportive style makes you jump off the cliff and fly.”




“The day after our class performance I was asked to improvise a story in a tvc audition. I went for the audition and phew! I got the job!”

Katie Wee

Actor / Host

“I'm a waitress, not an actress, but the class enabled me to turn a my job now as an actress and i am enjoying it everyday.”

Anitha Arbak

Marketing Executive / Part-time Actress 



“The acting class allowed me to find the mistakes in my acting career which I have been with it for many years. Now I am able fine tune my acting skills, like improving on my inner voice, and let me express myself in a way that I never imagined to be possible. And this helps me tremendously when i am on set and in helps in my sales job.”


Amila Chan - Sales Manager

“The environment is nurturing without being “therapy”, the work is challenging without being impossible, and the results are extremely rewarding.”

Mark Beh

Actor/Writer/Teacher of Acting

Playwrights House

"The trainer is a fantastic teacher and mentor in the true sense of the acting word. At our final performance someone I didn't know commented that 'the teacher must be really good for everyone's show to be so great.' I couldn't have agreed with him more." 

Nelson Tan 



" The courses that you offer are really different from what i have attended. It does gives me alot of insights of actors' life as real TV actors whom I thought i might not have a chance to work with them sharing their skills and experiences with us.

This is really valuable as it comes from their own experiences. I did have alot of valuable time with them and gained many valuable advise and tips in my acting and how to get jobs.


Thanks to Mr. Ckay


Juliana Hamid

Actor (Freelance)