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Professional Development for the Media Arts Symposium

1.    Between Stage and Screen

Drawing from his experience in performing for the stage and the screen, Nelson Chia shares his thoughts on the differences and similarities between live and mediatized acting, focusing on the practical skills and adaptations required to traverse between these two similar yet disparate mediums.

nelson chia
an actor / director / playwright, he lectures at the Theatre Studies Programme, National University of Singapore; serves as the Associate Artistic Director for Toy Factory Productions Ltd; is an Associate Artist at The Substation; and Founding member of collaborative ensemble: A Group Of People.

2.    Acting : Acting (Re)considered

Chris Lee will share about the evolution of Western, mainstream acting processes since the twentieth century. The seminar’s objectives aimed to clarify on acting processes and how stories are presented/re-presented: exploring the relationships between psychologically motivated acting and acting as units of actions.

chris lee
is an actor / director / playwright. He lectures at the Visual Performing Arts Department, National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University and the Drama Department, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts; and is a member of the Tradition & Editions Theatre Circus and the Singapore Drama Educators Association.
3.    More Than An Actor (Networking & Marketing)

Ckay Lim and Cai Ping Kai (Er-gu) will draw from their experiences working in Singapore and abroad, and share about how actors can market themselves beyond acting jobs, such as hosting, singing, dancing etcetera. They will touch on specific marketing strategies to penetrate into the events industries.


ckay lim

is an effectively bilingual artiste, he is an actor / presenter / drama trainer. He is also the Founding Director for Zoom Arts, and very active in the industry as an artiste. He is a popular bilingual presenter for events shows, a regular actor on Ch 8 chinese dramas.

His most recent film and movie credits include: “Men-in-white” by Kelvin Tong (Supporting lead); “A Suicide Symphony" by Quietus Films (Lead); and "More than Words" by Kelvin Sng (Supporting lead). His new movie production is in 2010, More Than Words by Kelvin Sng Productions as Ah Shun, a supporting role in the movie.



cai ping kai (er-gu)

has been in the industry for more than 30 over years. She has appeared in numerous TV Dramas and local films.

At an age of 60, she is still actively involved in the entertainment and travel industry, hosting many heartlands shows, performing in skits and singing in gala dinners. Er-gu is the Chief drama trainer of Zoom Academy by Zoom Arts Group, grooming talented individuals acting for television, film and stage.

Producing, Directing & Acting

Jalyn Han will share from her multi-faceted work an actress / dancer / choreographer / trainer / producer / artistic director / project consultant about behind the scenes work for “Producing, Directing and Acting”.

kelvin sng 

 Kelvin graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Film Production (Directing major) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic after receiving the Media Education Scheme Award from the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore. His 2005 short film “More Than Words”, a tribute to the late Asian songstress Teresa Teng, has been officially invited to be screened and compete at film festivals around the world including Italy, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Romania and Africa.

Kelvin has been actively involved in various film productions, particularly in the areas of screenwriting, directing and producing. In addition, he also serves as Acting Coach, Film Instructor and Creative Consultant to various institutions and companies. He is currently the Vice-President of the Screenwriters' Association of Singapore and an Associate Artist of The Substation.

Kelvin recently completed “The Gang”, a prelude to the feature film version of “More Than Words”. “The Gang” is currently the most expensive short film ever made in Singapore and will be competing in various international film festivals in 2010.

5.    Casting/Auditions for Television and Film

Chong Bee Bee will share about processes pertaining to screen auditions and casting. She will share on how the selection process works; what Casting Directors and Directors are looking for during casting auditions; the reasons why actors are not being selected; how actors should prepare for auditions. She will also investigate the differences between film and television, and the differences for film auditions and television auditions.

chong bee bee

Based in Singapore, has been a Casting Director over the last 10 years for both television and film. She believes in forging strong relationships with both actors and directors, and hopes to develop the professional standards for the local media industries. Bee Bee is currently freelancing for different production houses.

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