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Speak Loud, Speak Proud

Introduction to Public Speaking (10 - 14 yrs)

言语艺术培训 (十至十四岁)

About this Course

Does your child have a problem relating an incident or telling a story to you? Do you see your child struggle to speak clearly, and often give up half way trying to explain a viewpoint to you?

This course aims to build up the confidence in children to speak up and become better communicators – from a dialogue, small group conversations to public speaking.

They will learn how to organize their thoughts and ideas. Given a topic, they will be able to expand and share more with you. Back from a school event or learning journey, they will be able to summarise and give you a snapshot of the happenings. They will learn to express in a manner that captivate the audience.

From telling a story to selling an idea, see how they speak clearly, confidently and effectively!

Register now, let us help them conquer that fear and build that self-confidence!

Learning through play,

In class, we present our content like a game, so our students won’t be frightened of failing at it. We want to make it fun for our children and if we take the emphasis away from public speaking and move it more towards having fun then kids are less likely to be afraid of it. We want to give our students the chance to build on their successes. If we can minimize fear by changing the name then we believe we should do whatever is necessary.


1. Overcome stage fear

2. Builds confidence

3. Improves verbal communication skills

4. Strengthens your child’s sense of empowerment

5. Develops critical thinking skills




我们能了解您的烦恼, 也能体会您的担忧。从小学高年级开始, 学校便开始要求宝贝在同学们面前演说。



来参加演讲班吧! 让您的宝贝不在畏惧众人的目光,不管是故事、情景、还是报告,都能有条有理,








Course Details 课程表

Age : 10-14 yrs

Available Seats : 8 per class

Course Type : English

No. of lessons : 12 lessons

Price: S$190 nett per month

Course Duration: 3 months

年龄 : 10-14 岁

班数 : 8 人一班

课程语言 : 英语

堂次 : 12堂课 (6堂一学期)

学费: S$285 净价一个学期


Trainer 导师

Vernice Koh

Venice Koh started her toastmaster journey in year 2005. To date, she has participated in numerous speech contests and served the community as Area B1 Governor in year 2012 - 2013. That year she was crowned Division B Toastmaster of the year. In March 2018, she attained the prestigious title of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

In addition, Venice was recognised by The International Professional Managers Association as Certified Professional Trainer in year 2007. She is currently also a bilingual emcee, with experience hosting community events, conferences, parties and gala nights.