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1. 快乐教学 小班授课


2. 名师团队 专业训练

资深专家团直接参与课程设计,科班讲师,CKay Lim, 陈碧凤和李文海主阵担当,建最专业的口才训练营。

3. 专业考证 全程辅导





去年参与学生 : “小主持人培训十分有趣!这个假期营让我学了很多!”

 - 主持/新闻学概论 Introduction to Hosting

- 主持技能培训 Hosting skills techniques

- 撰稿训练 Presenter’s Script Writing

- 采访训练拍摄 Interview techniques

- 视频编辑拍摄剪辑培训 Videography/Editing

课程内容 (中文)

1. 即席演讲

2. 破冰演说/游戏

3. 声音掌控 + 绕口令

4. 说话的方式

5. 身体姿势

6. 讲一个故事

7. 咨询演讲 (新闻)

8. 视频演讲

9. 配音技巧+声音模仿

10. 活动节目主持训练

11. 如何组织演讲第一部分+ 资料搜寻"

12. 如何组织演讲第二部分+ 最后组织"

13. 彩排主持单元之牛车水

14. 单元视频录制(户外)

15. 视频剪辑技巧

16. 视频剪辑技巧 + 最后呈现

Little Host Kids Hosting Course

Are you worried about your child's stage fright? Are you troubled by your child's unwillingness to communicate with others? Do you regret that your child missed the opportunity to enter a higher education because of his "silly mouth"?

Expression is becoming more and more important in today's society. Good eloquence not only makes children full of confidence and can speak, but also cultivates a sunny, elegant, and generous temperament. Our little host course has been optimized and refined to become more interesting and effective, which will definitely make the "little" students feel more rewarding after learning and experience.

Three reasons to choose a little host holiday camp 

1. Classes are taught in small classes of 8 people, and the teacher creates a happy teaching method based on the characteristics of the younger children's personality, creating a strong atmosphere of play, and making the children fall in love hosting.

The classroom is the stage, and the skills of rehearsal, display, writing, interview and filming and editing are all displayed. 

2. Two team of teachers professional training The senior expert group

directly participates in the course design. The lecturers of the class, CKay Lim, Chen Bifeng and Li Wenhai taking the lead, setting up the most professional eloquence training camp.

3. Three professional textual research In the training class, students learned a lot of knowledge, such as interview skills and reporter/host workflow.

Students also will learn the performance/interview process including recording, writing/video/editing, face-to-face communication with interviewees, etc.

Everyone has a deeper understanding of the interview guidelines, terms and preparations. The one-and-a-half-hour training courses are rich and interesting. Students sometimes listen carefully and sometimes have lively discussions. 

The teacher's in-depth explanations and lively and diverse teaching methods bring students a unique classroom experience. Participating students last year:

"The little host training is very interesting! This holiday camp has taught me a lot!"

*Lesson Plan (English)*

1. Impromptu Speaking

2. Ice Breaker Speech

3. Diction & Pronunciation

4. Vocal Variety

5. Body Gestures

6. Tell a story

7. NEWS Reporting

8. Speaking on Screen

9. Voice Over Training + Recording

10. Event Show Hosting Training

- Wedding hosting

- Product Road Show Hosting"

11. How to Organize your speech Part 1 + online research"

12. How to Organize your speech Part 2 + presentation scenes planning"

13. Presentation Rehearsal (video recording)

14. Presentation Filming (video recording)

15. Video Editing

16. Video Editing final touch up + graduation


  • Once a week, 1.5hrs per lessons
  • English or Chinese Language
  • Saturdays or Sundays
  • Fee : Usual price : $650 Less $200 training grant per term

Pay only S$450 per term NETT

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