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TV / Events Show Presenter Course


Events Show Presenter Course

Zoom Acadmey's Hosting Class Students hosting events shows and video hosting

 In this course, you will learn, 

  • The course is set out to give you training sessions and then the chance to practice what you have learnt infront of the camera and in event shows.
  • Each session will logically flow to the next culminating in your final session which will be the Magazine show as well as hosting for events.
  •  This session puts everything you have learnt throughout the day together and will be your chance to shine!
  • How to be a road show emcee,
  • how to draw crowd in for your shows
  • what games people play on stage
  • voice training different
  • what are the different kind of shows
  • The first training session will be basic hosting skills
  • This will teach you the basic skills that we all take for granted.
  • How to talk to the camera,
  • how to use your body in an effective way,
  • how to “talk to time”,
  • how to recover if you lose your thread etc.
  • After training we will start filming the Magazine show –and an opportunity to host a road show in malls and get paid S$100 and above per hour.
  • At end of the Course there will be a Q & A session with popular hosts like, CKay,Eileen, Ling, Guan, etc. which  found to be most valuable. They can tell you the ins and outs of the business and you can feel free to pick up any tips and be posted to shows!

Trainer - CKay Lim (Celebrity host) - CKay Lim (please visit his website)

After the Course we will send you your professionally edited showreel with a leaving pack with tons of info about how to find work, opportunities,  working your way up, broadcasting trade press, marketing, etc.

The rest is up to you! Earn a few hundreds in a couple of hours in event hosting.




We are looking for new hosts for many year end shows