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Students' Achievements

Events & Exposure

EC Challenge 2013

Fellow Zoomer Rio Chan, Zeoane Goh and Sherraine Law were at the ECtv's Challenge on 23 May 2013 to support the event along with CKay Lim and Abigail Chay and Edmund Chen, Xiang Yun and many other celebrities.

Zoomers @ 24th Singapore International Film Festival - ECTV! 

with Edmund Chen.

Kerlinhosting aproductlaunch(ajapanesecompany)

Zoomers having lots of fun in NTUC's Survival @ Sentosa!

Zoomer, Moses San Juan (middle) as the lead role of feature film

 'Hsien of the Dead"

Zoomers photoshoot

Zoomers hosting Sunsilk's event @ cineleisure! @Zeoane Goh & Avalee Lee

Zoomers, rehearsing for Dell Skit with Veterans Craig Teo and Oi Wah.

Zoomers @ International Wedding Show Event on 23 June 2013 @ Orchard Hotel

Zoomers at Health Promotion Board "Health Screening Skit" along with verterans Er-gu 二姑, Abigail Chay and Li Wen Hai 李文海