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CKay Lim 林智强


TV /Stage actor, presenter and a drama trainer for more than 12 years in the industry.

MFA & Diploma in Acting from National Academy of Drama New York City and recently attended

the Film Academy's Film making & Acting course in New York and Paris.

An A-list (A*) freelance contract actor with Mediacorp Studio’s Chinese Drama Division, People’s Association Star Trainer since 1996 and a registered drama trainer with National Arts Council, Singapore. He has been a drama trainer for the local schools (all levels) and adults private groups in Performing & Creative Arts since 1998.

Nominated Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor, NTU student’s short-film competition and in a Student Academy Award finalist for short film. He was the lead supporting cast in a local movie.

His Television/Film credits includes His Television/Film credits, Kelvin Tong’s movie, Men-in-white with the internet voting on his role of Up 153% in popularity. Lead actor for NTU ‘THE POPULAR PICK’ - "A Suicide Symphony" by Quietus Films

Appeared in Super 8 Cities, A Global Collaborative Documentary Project (international) - 9 cities in 7 countries on 4 continents : personal, political and poetic-Singapore (2:59) “Identified” by Gavin Lim.

Appeared on many Channel 8’s chinese dramas (recurring roles). The latest project is in the finale episodes of CH 8’s blockbuster “The Ultimatum”, featuring Zoe Tay, Li Nan Xing and Fann Wong.

A popular bilingual show presenter in local and overseas events. Acting & voice over commercial works for 

local and overseas advertising agencies.

As per to date, Zoom Academy's students who were trained by him in TV acting and hosting, have been selected for many TV drama roles, event hosts and theatre shows performances. He teaches not only the craft of acting but also his experiences and passing on the correct working attitudes to his students.

His promo website is or click for his appearances.

Here are some of the testimonials we gathered from his students:

" Every human beings are talented in their own way, its just a matter of discovering their own talent and make full use of it. Being an actor is not only about passion but is a skill that requires upgrading of acting skills regularly, never stop learning.... CKay (Actor/Drama Trainer)

I do always agree with Bob Fraser, my mentor on what he always say,

" The path to success in our business is not a "secret." There are real solutions to acting career problems. And, no, it's not about having the right agent, the right manager, the right acting teacher, or networking like an insurance salesman. What I discovered early in my own career is that the real key to eliminating your 'struggling actor' syndrome – and starting up the ladder of success – is simply this: Persistently taking effective action on good information. "

BOB Fraser - click to find out more about him


" One thing I enjoy learning the most about is the constant insights about the acting industry from CKay. How the present outlook of the general industry is like. The demands of a full-time professional actor and important things to avoid and pay attention to in the industry, like pointers during auditions, and the challenges actors face in the field. Having been involved in drama since secondary school, I've always felt that interpreting and understanding characters was one of my weaker points, and it is something that I've learnt more about in this course, trying to understand more about the character by studying the script. I also have a better appreciation of the interaction between actor and environment through the constant reminders of the presence of 'this' and 'that' during various activities."


" more aware of space and surroundings, learnt to use my voice and tone to convey a meaning instead of using words and actions, more confident in taking on different roles, dare to step out more of my comfort zone and not do stereotypical actions"


" I have learned the different techniques and skills involved in acting, how the industry works, before I was still quite reserved, am now slightly more confident and More than just a passion. I feel its something that is very much me - like I was made for acting and it allows me to release my true self"


" I have learned the ins and outs of local showbiz scene which is helpful when I become a working artist. As well as building different array of characters that are different and even far away from my own character.

Before, I felt my acting was too unnatural. I felt like my acting was more like imitating bits and pieces of other characters without something that connects them together as a full person that reacts to a situation that they are in. I felt like I was more like doing cheesy acting that actual acting."


    “The instructor clearly knows the craft well, which made the session enriching.” - Dayna Lim.