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Bilingual Event Intensive Hosting

双语主持人训练班 ’活动/视屏‘ 主持培训

Adults/Seniors 成人/乐领人士


This course is set up to provide training sessions for emcees and hosts the chance to practice what you have learnt in class to the camera to event shows.

Each session will logically flow to the next culminating into your final session, which will be the magazine show as well as hosting for events. This session puts everything you have learnt throughout the day together and will be your chance to shine!

After the course we will send you your professionally edited show reel with a leaving pack with tons of info about how to find work, opportunities to working your way up, broadcasting trade press, marketing, etc.

Zoom Academy has also been invited by several events and production companies to use Zoom's Host for the event or productions. This thus opens doors of opportunities to the Zoom Academy Hosting Class students.

So don't wait! You are just one step away from realizing your dream as a host.

本课程旨在为主持人提供培训课程,并有机会将您在课堂上学到的知识运用到拍摄和活动节目上。 每个课程将逻辑地流向下一个,最终将是节目以及活动主持。本课程将您在一天中学到的所有知识放在一起,这将是您发光的机会! 课程结束后,我们将向您发送专业编辑的演出卷轴,其中包含大量有关如何找到工作,工作机会,广播贸易出版社,市场营销等的信息。

Zoom Academy 还受到多家活动和制作公司的邀请,将Zoom的主持人用于活动或制作。这为Zoom Academy 主持班学生打开了大门。



#1: Introduction to Hosting Types of shows 主持节目类型

Role of an emcee, 主持人的工作主任

Emcee warm up and style determination 主持人风格

Finding your Mic Voice 主持人声音 & Speech techniques 主持技巧

#2: Speech Boot Camp 主持语音/音韵训练

#3: Promotional Road shows hosting Training 户外促销活动训练

#4: Sale & IT Roadshow Training 户外咨讯活动训练

#5: Wedding Hosting 婚礼主持

#6: Seminar Hosting Training 研討會和會議主持

#7: Children’s Shows Training 儿童节目主持

#8: Family & Festive Day shows training 家庭日主持

#9: Games Types, Music Selection, Govt, RC, CC Show training

各类游戏, 音乐选择, 政府机构/联络所/民众俱乐部节目(1)

#10: Dinner and Dance show training 年终晚宴主持

#11: Voice Over Training 配音训练

#12: Hosting Demo Reel Shoot 主持人demo摄影

Show Presenting Shoot Rehearsal – “life hacks” ‘生活小贴士’ 网络节目彩排

#13: Emcee Demo Shoot 主持人Demo拍摄

#14: “life hacks” ‘生活小贴士’ Video Presenting Shoot 拍摄

#15: Emcee Photoshoot 个人编辑录像

#16: Marketing yourself to event companies 个人主持推广技巧


Once per week, weekday evening/weekend, 1.5 hours

6-8 pax

End of the course, you will get: 课程结束,你会得到:

1. Certificate of Completion 毕业证书

2. Edited Video Presenting Show Reel 编辑视频

3. Emcee Recommendation Letter 推荐信

4. Jobs opportunities (for potential ones) 主持工作机会

Need more information? Send us an enquiry! 需要更多信息?按“Enquire”。



Zoom Host Rio Chan hosting for Trichokare

Zoom Host Ava Lee hosting for MoneyMax AMK Branch

Zoom Hosts Zeoanne hosting for Ah Huat White Coffee