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Acting through Song:

Help for Acting Singers or Singing Actors

Professional Development Workshop with Celebrity trainer, Mr. Peter Tan of Music Clinic and Drama Trainer, CKay Lim from Zoom Academy.

The singing actor has one great advantage over the stage actor, they have music. Music has a physical effect upon the central nervous system of both performer and audience and the actor’s singing voice has the same effect on the audience. This means that the singing actor can move an audience in a way that no straight play can ever try to do. 

The voice of the performer, coupled with the music and expressions as well as feel, creates an effect in the audience that cannot be topped. 

The singer or singing actor has something special, the ability to move without a call to the intellect of the audience, their audience responds unconsciously, truthfully and with full emotion. The filtering, editing effect of the brain does not have a chance to destroy the moment.

Acting the song requires two things:

– A good strong, supple singing voice with an adequate vocal range

– A technique or expressive ability to FEEL will connect you to the song

After that, live truthfully and the song will fly.

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